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CNC machined epoxy infused carbon fabric prototype tool

This 16' two-piece epoxy-infused carbon fabric prototype fuselage tool, CNC-machined
upon completion, has been 
through several autoclave cycles during fabrication of
prototype parts

In aerospace, the leading edge is always changing.

So are we.

Our clients demand more from us than ever before. Innovative problem solving. Continuous learning. And holistic solutions. At Leading Edge Aerospace, we’re glad to oblige. In fact, we wouldn’t have it any other way. So, we push ourselves. To anticipate your questions and demands. To offer solutions, before they become issues. And to never rest on our laurels. Ever.

Almost 20 years ago, founder Stan Unruh named the company so every single day, the bar is set to lead, and never follow.

Who’s on the leading edge?

There can be only one.